01. After drinking 7 beer, her head was [spinning], and she felt sick to her stomach.
02. He grabbed her arm, and then [spun] her across the dance floor.
03. Charlotte the spider [spun] words in her webs in the wonderful story by E. B. White.
04. There is a children's game in which kids [spin] a bottle to see who someone has to kiss.
05. Don't put your arm in the washing machine while it is [spinning]; you could hurt yourself.
06. He can [spin] a basketball on the tip of his finger.
07. There is a French proverb which states that he that spends more than he is worth [spins] a rope for his own neck.
08. Elephants perform greeting ceremonies when a member of the group returns after a long time away; the welcoming animals [spin] around, flap their ears, and trumpet.
09. It would take 27,000 spiders, each [spinning] a single web, to produce a pound of web.
10. One silkworm can [spin] a thread more than half a mile long.
11. Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons [spin] counter-clockwise north of the equator, and clockwise south of the equator.
12. The car hit a telephone pole, and [spun] around in circles before finally coming to a stop in the opposite lane.
13. After drinking too much my head was [spinning], and I ended up in the bathroom throwing up.
14. Our earth is moving constantly, [spinning] at a rate of 1,000 miles per hour.

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